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Photo-Op Rules and Expectations


1.    No personal cameras are allowed, no selfie sticks allowed.

2.    We have professional photographers who will take your pictures during the Photo-Op session.

3.    Pictures will be uploaded within 2 weeks after the show at GF Bayona Productions Facebook page.

4.    All photos are downloadable and are FREE of charge.

5.    We will not be taking your picture using your cellphones or personal cameras. 

6.    We will not be accountable for lost or stolen cellphones or personal cameras.

7.    All VIP ticket holders will be issued a wristband.  Only those with proper color wristband will have their photo-op.

8.    Remain in your seats, we will call you row by row, and only VIP ticket holders wearing the proper wrist bands issued will have the opportunity to have a photo with the artists.
9.    No pushing in the line.  We will accommodate all VIP ticket holders and wrist-banded guests.

10.  Sponsors will have their pictures taken first.



Please note that Photo-Op's are not "meet-and-greet" events.  At our Photo-Op sessions, time is usually very limited as there are literally hundreds of people to accommodate at these photo sessions.  We try our best to provide you the best experience given the time constraints.  We ask that you cooperate and follow announced instructions.



The Management Team

GF Bayona Productions

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